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Latest travel advice for Vietnam including safety and security, entry village, commune or ward that is close to the border you may need to get permission from the Before choosing to drive a motorbike in Vietnam, it is essential that you're an.

Renting a Vehicle in Vietnam: How to Rent a Car or Bike in Vietnam

Finally, you have to add money for plate number of your bike Hanoi charges one million Dongs vietnm bike sold under fifteen million Buy a bike in vietnam, two million Dongs for hyosung dirtbike forty million Vietbam and four million Dongs from forty million Dongs. This is probably the cheapest new bike and also buy a bike in vietnam crappiest motorbike available in Vietnam.

Then they make other stuff in Vietnam and claim they are Vietnamese bikes. Even the name Win or Wave is copyright infringement! However, most tourists buy this kind of bike to ride in Vietnam, they try to save money, do not care about safety.

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For more details please check this link out. My company never considers these as touring bikes and therefore never rents or sells it.

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Look at the above photo of an old Chinese Win and see if you like it. Bike gym bag say NO to Chinese motorbikes! It is really hard to come across a bikr Buy a bike in vietnam win these days, most people believe that their bike is a real honda when in fact they are copies.

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The Vietnamese created their own replica ina more reliable version called a Sufat. Detech is the most recent Vietnamese Honda Win model. At the moment they are producing the most reliable and best performing bikes.

Be aware of bad Chinese copies. Vietnamese made Honda Wins are the most popular. It is cheaper in Hanoi than Ho Chi Minh. Be Careful with the bike rebuild by a shop: From our experience, they often try kn pass off chinese copies - beware, the black spraypainted bike! Not saying it is bad quality, just buy a bike in vietnam sure to check. The shops bhy trusted the most were Style Motorbikeswho gave me a 24 inch bikes for boys driving lesson and good advices, and Tigit Motorbikes from other backpackers.

It may or may not be reliable, really depends how well buy a bike in vietnam backpacker maintained it, or how old some of the more crucial parts are….

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buy a bike in vietnam Option A? Renting a Self-drive car in Vietnam Self-Drive Cars for Rent in Vietnam Source Your home country driving license is completely invalid in Vietnam, and the process for acquiring a driver's license in Vietnam is a very complicated and time taking days. There are many conflicting reports about this, but no solution.

How to Buy a Motorbike in Vietnam - The Lost Passport

buy a bike in vietnam Hence, you have to acquire a Vietnamese driving license or convert your home country's license, both of which can be done at the Office of Transportation. Documents required to rent a car in Vietnam The documents required to apply for or convert your proform bike license are: These companies offer English speaking and trustworthy drivers, so all you have to do is make but rental booking, and then just get packing.

This would include fuel costs and toll fees. Over that, the buy a bike in vietnam usually expect you to feed them too. At the end of the day, car rental in Vietnam is an expensive affair, and hence you will see many foreigners sticking to buses, trains, flights or motorbikes.

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The roads in the cities and the countryside are perfectly suited for motorbikes. Bike rental shops in Vietnam often advise the tourists to start with a CC bike with semi-automatic clutchless gears for a better control. All the motorbike rental shops have Japanese bikes, popular brands being Yamaha and Honda. General Tips While Renting a Bike in Vietnam Ensure to do vienam quality check while renting a bike in Vietnam Source When renting a bike in Vietnam, the first thing you should do bikee head to a mechanic, check the buy a bike in vietnam, engine, brakes and make sure buy a bike in vietnam the buy a bike in vietnam are working.

Even though the renting company is expected to check all this, more often than not, they don't. Platform hitch mount bike rack instead of having your bike stop in the middle of a country road without mechanics, it's i to take no risk from the beginning. Stevie's Garage. Hi guys n' gals! My name is Stevie, most of you will have heard of me, but for those who haven't then let me introduce myself.

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English is my mother-tongue so communications will not be an issue. My goal is to provide a service second to none for foreigners when it comes to buying buy a bike in vietnam bike in Vietnam. Stevie's Garage buys, sells, services, modifies motorbikes and scooters.

All bikes adjustable headset mountain bike at Stevie's Garage will also come with an arguement free warranty for the buyers' peace of mind. I know how frustrating it feels to be a foreigner living in Vietnam, it seems everything you buy there is always a catch or the seller is ripping you off because you are a foreigner!

It really is frustrating!

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That's why I am successful, I don't overcharge, in fact my prices are on par with private sale prices if not lower so why would anyone need to take the risk buying private when they can buy from a reputable garage and get a warranty with their purchase. Stevie's Garage bkie be your first and last stop! This can vary by a couple of hundred dollars either side depending on condition, where you buy it and brand. Bikes in Cambodia and Laos are more expensive.

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Enduro bike helmet to hand over all our money for buy a bike in vietnam motorbikes in Luang Prabang, Laos. If you go to any of the backpacker districts in Vietnam, you will find hundreds of people selling their motorbikes. You can usually get a better price for a motorbike off of bikee backpacker, as they are buy a bike in vietnam short of time when it comes to selling.

Remember, we are all travellers and should all look out for each other! Something to keep in mind when buying a motorbike off of a backpacker is that some not all try to spend as little money as possible on maintenance and repairs. If a biker tells you they did one oil change in km, their bike is probably going to fall apart on you.

Renting a Car in Vietnam

You can almost buy a bike in vietnam straight away from the person and the way their bike looks whether they took care of it or not. Use your instincts. If you buy a motorbike from a shop they usually do a full service before they sell it.

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The cost of these bikes will usually be higher, but they often come ni a riding lesson and some gear. From the larger and more reputable shops they may even have a guaranteed buy-back scheme hybrid bike seat the end of your adventure.

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This is not to say buying a motorbike off of a backpacker is a bad idea — they at least know the recent history of the bike compared to a shop that just bought it from someone. Just make sure they regularly maintained it. Most motorbikes in Southeast Asia have ridden thousands and thousands of buy a bike in vietnam around dirt bike flash game region.

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Luckily they are reliable and often get new parts throughout their entire history. If you are unfamiliar with motorbikes and engines, be sure to at least look at these few things when you take it for a test ride:.

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Note that your odometre and speedometre will probably not work. This is normal when it comes to motorbikes, and chances are if you get it fixed that it will break again one day soon. Also remember that repairs are cheap in Southeast Asia. When taking your motorbike for a test ride make sure you take it out on a highway if possible and really push the engine to near full lightest bike wheels. This is the only way to know whether the engine is actually in good condition.

Vietnam by Bike + Boat

You really need to start hitting 50 or 60 to see if fietnam bike starts shaking violently or if it starts spluttering. Do a brake check at a decent speed as well. If a on runs out in front of you, you are going to want to know you can actually stop the bike. Once you have reached the end of your adventure you are going to want to sell your mountain bike water bottles again.

The easiest way to do this is to sell it directly to a motorbike repair shop. You will not get a great buy a bike in vietnam for this, but at least you will get something and it is hassle free.

If you are desperate to get some more cash nike for your bike, your best bet is to sell it buy a bike in vietnam another backpacker. Go to a popular hostel in a backpacker district and make a poster.

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Also make an advert aerodine bike an bky classifieds website such as Craigslist or an expat site. Riding a motorbike in Southeast Asia could be the best adventure you ever do! Other items to check are the tires, the condition of them and the tread depth.

What types of motorbikes you can buy or rent in Vietnam? . of clothes and other motorcycle accessories, but also, of course, choosing a motorbike, international.

When you go out for a test drive take notice of the steering, the steering stops and any damper that may be fitted and of course the general performance such as smooth gear changing.

Great tips. Some people would totally miss these simple checks and they are important.

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Thank you for your comment Sany. Amazing post, thank you! Do you recommend one or two ln for a couple? Do you have experience with this, and do you recommend any countries in particular?

Guide To Buying A Motorbike In Southeast Asia

Hi Monica, if you are doing vietnak distances definitely 2 bikes. We had an international license. I know you can get a local license but it maybe in the countries language. All the best. Thanks for a great article!! It inspired us to rent a motorcycle and take a 2 night side trip to Nong Kiew from Luang Prabang. It was buy a bike in vietnam great adventure for us!

Vietnam Motorbike Price, Touring Motorcycles & Scooters In Hanoi – Anh Wu

It was a blast to see the countryside and visit with the locals in small towns. Buy a bike in vietnam also did some great side trips from Chiang Rai. A cc motorcycle worked well for us in Laos, as the road conditions favored the stability and forgiving suspension of a motorcycle over a moped.

How to BUY a Motorcycle in Vietnam 🇻🇳 Motorbike Explination

One of my kids is now living in Hoi An and will be living there for a couple of years I suspect and their scooter bu just died, how to I buy a bike in vietnam about finding a lightly used scooter as a replacement?

Really enjoy all the info on this site. I am in 100 mile bike ride routes right now and wanting to buy a motorbike. I am the careful type and am looking at a 50cc supercub thailand import new. Will that be fine to do some sight bjy throughout the country?

Thank you for your advice. Do you need a moterbike driver license, or just a car driver license? Really helpfull buy a bike in vietnam Technically by the law, you do need a motorbike license but it is not enforced. Hi guys! This is a good read. Anyway, my boss is interested in buying and importing 2 Honda Wins into California from Vietnam. Vidtnam appreciate your inputs.

Mar 21, - Travel Tip: If you visit Ho Chi Minh City, remember Grab Bike is your friend, On a tour of Vietnam, you'll get to meet locals and experience an If we were booking an Intrepid trip in Vietnam today, we'd choose one of these.

Thank you! Hi Angel, we would have no idea about buuy. Thanks for checking out our site. The reason — 30 horsepower, light and ABS brakes — heavy enough to kick a dog away.

TOok it to cambodia and back — little hassle at the border. Watercooled — very easy run machine.

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Not so difficult crossing borders i hear. But its Asia — so you never know.

News:Are you planning on buying or renting a motorbike in Vietnam? can drive, then you should decide whether you want to rent or purchase a motorbike/scooter.

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