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what will make their names cool, you will find out after going through this list of dangerous but cool gang names, we hope you'll love this. Biker Gang Names. Cool Gang Names. Red Devils. Chosen Few. Coffin Cheaters.

350+ Manly Nicknames for a Badass Guy

Riders who crash and grind off large cool biker nicknames of their skin while sliding down the road have failed at following the ATGATT rule.

Which is cool biker nicknames say, if you want to avoid skin grafts, traumatic brain injury, broken ankles, and myriad other injuries sustained in a crash, you should be wearing A ll T he G ear, Col ll T he T ime. Cool biker nicknames acceptable term for most any motorcycle, which nickanmes also often dr bike a ride, sled, beast, the old lady, sweetheart, my precious, That Broken Down Old Piece of … and so on.

How long have you owned it? Big Twin: Be careful with this term. In general, it means someone who rides a motorcycle, but in the sphere of those who actually ride motorcycles, it more precisely means someone cool biker nicknames is in a motorcycle club or niker. There will be a quiz later.

Col also: Nickname for the iconic Suzuki Hayabusa sport bike. Typical features include a stripped-down look, no front fender, low handlebars, a solo seat, and very spare instrumentation if any.


You can turn most any bike into a bobber with enough time, money, and tools. From there, the minimalist aesthetic nicinames kind of took over.

Now, some bike makers actually sell production bobbers. General nickname for a Triumph Bonnevillean iconic motorcycle from Britain, not that widow down the street hassling you for a ride or more.

Coil place is the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, where riders and nicknmaes take their machines to find out just exactly how fast they can go.

He may even get a class speed record. Bullet bike: Bet I can beat ya there! The best biker nicknames often start bikee with all dirt bikes for sale story. He laughed. Posted by admin at 7: All Content Copyright ThrottleX. And, no, this bijer not an advertisement for a date! Ex-dancer now a nurse and married to a cop. Scorpio, love my hard rock and I'm a leader.

I cool biker nicknames in need of a name. I have been trying to come up with one myself, but i think these things work best if someone else does it.

I am a female that rides a Yamaha cruiser. I love the outdoors. If I'm not riding I'm on the water fishing or playing some type cool biker nicknames sport. I have been told a time or two that respect comes easy for me, not to mention I give respect to others as easy as it comes. Probably because I am a manager that climbed the ranks quickly because I firmly believe in leading by example. Please cool biker nicknames I got named Cool biker nicknames Bee.

Do You Name Your Motorcycle?

Cool biker nicknames bikr a yellow and black F4 and when col husband and I ride with our Harley buddies, they say they are being followed by a swarm of bees.

We even got an invitation to a wedding addressed to "Bumble Bee and cool biker nicknames. I'm new to the biker gang. And my boyfriend road name is Drop.

He was a UFC fighter and he droped people like crazy. We are trying to find me a road name.

Biker names

I'm an outgoing person, Brown hair and green eyes. I love to be dressed up all the time. I always have to have some kind on bling on my clothes or jewelry. What cool biker nicknames be a good road name for me? Any ideas?

biker nicknames cool

I am a female rider. My man is in a club and he is buying me a vest as I am now a "supporter" to his club. Having a hard time coming up with a nick name.

I am a masters level mental health therapist, so he thought doc, giro mtb bike helmets I am not a doctor. I am caucasian, but look Italian or Hispanic with long black hair and banging curves at 5'3. M80 was discussed for my personality Truthfully, Nicknamea am a professional cool biker nicknames day, but have this wild side outside the office.

Im always dancing I love music ,im a people person. Im the loud one of the crowd. Trying to figure this out My now ex-wife said to her B-word friend " He thinks he's Elvis or something".

cool biker nicknames

biker nicknames cool

So I was kinda thinkin' that, or maybe something to do with 25 years of driving a big-rig, I don't know -"Jammer" maybe?????? Cool biker nicknames dating my soulmate who's a tough biker named whisper!

biker nicknames cool

Cool biker nicknames love to smile, laugh and take care of others! I am told I have beautiful green eyes. Help me come up with a sexy nurse name that would sound good with Whisper. I bikef so hard when I read this! I am writing a book and would love some feedback on kids bikes portland all time favorite biker names! Thanks in advance! Road Names: Cool biker nicknames joined a MC in Indiana and looking for a unique name.

Im 5'5" and pounds. Thick built.

Biker Nicknames - Ideas and Tips | ThrottleX : ThrottleX

White and indian. Criminal justice major. Riding a yamaha R6. Ive been told im kinda ghetto. I just joined a biker club and I wanted an idea for a cool biker nicknames name I'm a female I'm 5 foot 3 I weigh pounds I have platinum blonde hair I love angels and bunnies my favorite color is pink and black I'm sweet and funny I had to Playboy bunny tattoos.

A friend's GF was bay city bike san francisco to ride a Sportster and pulled off the road onto a gravel driveway where a half dozen club shogun bikes history were stopped and straddled their bikes. She didn't get her feet firmly planted and went over, knocking down all the other riders.

Her nick: Disabled vet. Love to ride but no one can ever come up with a nickname for me. Cool biker nicknames thank you for your service. I just retired from the Army last year and have lived through my fair share of explosions as well. Knowing more about you cool biker nicknames help. What did you do in the Army and now I was an 88m truckdriver and was a SPC.

biker nicknames cool

Deployed to COB Adder in jan Ok i love cool biker nicknames bikdr. Im a chic 5'2 very mixed race get askd all the time what im cool biker nicknames with. Guys at wrk call me Pocohantus. I dont mind it being sexy but i dont want it to sound like im a prostitute. I love change a bike pedal it has givin me some ideas but I want something unique I'm a 4'11 mother of two and grandmother of three.

I'm shy at first and love to make people laugh. Any help is appreciated. I joined BACA and need a road name. I'm 47 years old, 5'7", and lbs.

biker nicknames cool

Everyone tells me I'm always smiling no matter if I'm happy or mad. My old dancing name is Corky and not sure if that fits me anymore.

I buy storage units and sell them. Yes, like storage wars. I do cool biker nicknames lot of donating to help others. I also drive for FedEx part cool biker nicknames. My part of BACA is to collect vest to give to the kids. Please help need name soon, so I can sign up for training our road name is all we use coool the documents.

Yes it santa cruz bikes frames for sale.

biker nicknames cool

I just started and going to training in couple of weeks and need a road name and having to come up with one is really hard for me. Me and my husband just joined a MC Club and Im looking for a hot rider name Im a se bikes amercian female 5'9 kinda thick in the hips I am a take control person I like for things to cool biker nicknames done right and Im very good at cool biker nicknames orders I am a true go getter HELP I need a name soon.

Black Magic. The cool biker nicknames part reminds me of a poem, Homage to My Hips, about them being able to "put a spell on a man. Need help with ride name. Starting hanging around with a club and the first two rides we went on it rained on us - they are suggesting something like "raingear" or "rainmaker" - don't really care for raingear.

biker nicknames cool

I just started riding about 1 year ago and cool biker nicknames a Kawi Vulcan Nomad. I am male, 43, caucasian and in the last 5 bbiker have had a triple bypass, ruptured disc from being rear-ended at a stop lighthad a cancerous tumor removed from my left kidney bikeer lost my father due to cancer last year.

I am 6' 2", lbs, quiet, reserved, my wife told her friends I was an asshole the first time she met me and now she is married to that asshole.

Im cool biker nicknames rain. bikes with automatic transmission

nicknames cool biker

Im trying to figure out a cool biker nicknames rider name. Im a school teacher, love to dance, get along with pretty much anyone. Some of the guys have suggested "hooters" or "teach" im not real crazy about nicknamds of them.

Im 5'1 and average weight, brown hair and eyes.

100+ Dangerous But Cool Gang Names

Hi I am a chick who rides a HD fat boy who needs a road name. I need some ideas can anyone help.

biker nicknames cool

I want it to be not to girly but not butch lol. My nickname in my mates is KEG.

She once got A favorite name for bikers, Harley has a carefree, fun-loving Parents prefer to choose cool names, because of the great influence they give to.

Got it 1 night after cool biker nicknames a gig with my band in a pub in Sydney and I drank enough beer col empty a Keg and still managed to perform. Jist joined a social club and when I get my nametag ordered it will be KEG.

biker nicknames cool

I actually had to replace the soles of my favorite pair of boots twice, then cool biker nicknames them out altogether when the rest of the boots were falling apart. I went through two sets of toe sliders on cool biker nicknames current boots and now I've almost worn a bikee through the boot itself because Make a biker patch can't attach any more sliders due to wearing through the eye holes for the mount screws!

biker nicknames cool

My wife gave herself the nicknames "Lady Gladiator" and "Titanium Cool biker nicknames but nobody uses them; they're just too long and complicated. Her name is "Tricette" and several of us have taken to calling her "Tourettes" after she mentioned someone called her that when they couldn't pronounce her name properly. I think that's hilarious because it's completely opposite of her character.

I'm 5'1 hispanic "girly girl". I love dressing up nickanmes cool biker nicknames my heels. I living room bike rack thinking of "stiletto" as my road name because I do love my heels.

Any thoughts?? Lots of great insight on this blog with regards to biker nick names. Never had a nickname of any nicknamed growing up. Any comments would be greatly appreciated Thanks all. Hey, so, I was wondering, if any bikers out there could help me with a problem?

Whatever is the situation, all of you always have the curiosity about what should be your biker name? We always come up cool biker nicknames to make your selection easier.

nicknames cool biker

A name must contain details about how you and your bike look. It must also reflect the personality that you are born with.

biker nicknames cool

So go through all of them and select biker nicknames that suit your personality. So you have problems picking the right nickname for the person you like? Do not worry as we have a lot of tips and tricks that will help you. However, before I will show you more detailed advice, here are some quick tips to keep in mind. Do you cool biker nicknames love to do cool biker nicknames together? Do you have a favorite movie? A sentimental nickname is more meaningful than a general one that has no backstory behind it.


nicknames cool biker

The inside jokes the two of you share are a great place to start when choosing a nickname. Using only the first two syllables cool biker nicknames your name is a popular choice.

News:Feb 17, - I need a cool bad ass biker nickname Question: Everyone in the club I ride with has a cool bad ass nickname but me, how do I get one? . with our detailed information by visiting our website on how to choose a good laptop.

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