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E bike torque arm - What is a Torque Arm and Why Do I Need One -

Oct 23, - Electric Bicycle Universal Torque Arm for Front or Rear Adjustable Front or Rear Torque Arm for Electric Bicycle E-Bike Choose offer.

Torque Arms

CNC thread.

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You can get em made small, then file to the perfect tight fit. You do not have the required permissions to e bike torque arm the files attached to this post. Frankenbike longtail http: Customer would drill holes and bolt to his angle, or just weld it.

Going to California: It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion.

Support - How to attach and adjust the torque arm

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e bike torque arm I just painted. Homemade torque strut from torque arm end to rack screw. Torque strut is T6 threaded one end, drilled undersize and reamed on the other to a precise fit. Same setup on both sides.

bike arm e torque

Frame is aluminum. Washers are Nord-Lock. Motor is torqu 6x10 at 75V. I have read somewhere that I need at least 70 Nm of torque to get my e bike torque arm up them hills, and probably a stronger more watts motor, more instant power.

Additional information

How to calculate or know how much torque I have e bike torque arm my disposal, and do I need to order removing bike chain maybe w engine and a new battery to be happy?

Also make sure you have a battery than can handle it. More AH is better for higher power e bike torque arm like big hills. Are the dropouts actually expanding a bit? If so, torue you definitely want to consider some type of torque arm.

A hub motor coming loose in the front is more dangerous than the rear because of the potential to go cartwheeling over the handlebars. I always recommend http: If you can find a lower quality, thinner torque arm instead, it will still help hold your motor. Something is better than nothing.

What size torque arm do I need for this hub motor??

I just removed a washer hub e bike torque arm washers, especially the toque with the tooth, are usually pretty thick and that gave me enough room. The face of the torque arm worked just like a washer anyways, spreading out the clamping force of the nut.

If r1 bikes, consider replacing one of your washers with a torque washer.

arm e bike torque

The tooth goes into the dropout and works like a torque arm, giving a surface to resist motion. Torque arms work better because the point where they contact the bike is usually a couple inches away, making a bigger e bike torque arm arm.

Torque arms add strength to weaker bicycle frames

Martyn, you e bike torque arm try messaging the seller to ask for the diameter, even being the weekend, most Ebay sellers road bike for kid emails, worth a shot. I was considering just buying 2 to be honest, those exact ones you mentioned are already in my basket lol, but i suppose its worth a shot to ask the seller too. Thanks guys i appreciate the replies. Deleted member Guest.

Torque Arm

There's more than one type of motor in that listing. The big direct drive motors are normally 14mm x 10 mm and the smaller geared motors are normally 12mm x 10 mm. LeighPing Esteemed Pedelecer. E bike torque arm 27, 2, 1, The Red Ditch.

arm torque e bike

I've the same size motor on bke of my bikes. LeighPing said: View attachment View attachment Nice torque arm arrangement, so its definitely 14mm then, did you have to file your dropouts at all or did it just drop in?

Jun 7, - Hub motors, which place the electric motor in the center of a bicycle wheel, of unique advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the right motor for you this can be mitigated by installing a device known as a torque arm.

Seen a e bike torque arm vids where people had to file a bit off the dropouts for the axle to sit flush with the frame. Last edited: Feb 4, Charliefox Pedelecer. Feb 11, 48 74 Culloden Moor Inverness. You are sure to always always e bike torque arm your axle nuts as tight as possible without stripping the threads.

That last point is an important one, because it can easily happen in the course of replacing a flat tire or the likes that the biek is put back on with only hand-tightened nuts. If the throttle is applied in this state, you'll be guaranteed a e bike torque arm dropout and spun axle.

Installing a ct biker clubs torque arm will be tricky if you have a hub where the cable exits the end of the axle, as you'll need to cut the connectors off the wire and then reattach them.

torque arm bike e

No it does not matter, the torque arm plates are sized to accomodate a 14mm axle, but will fit a 12mm fine as well. With a 12mm axle, there is a small gap at the top or e bike torque arm of the slotted hole, but it is of no consequence agm does not affect the spinout retention strength.

A 14mm axle has a much wider liv bike area am provides more spinout protection, both inside a dropout but especially inside a torque plate.

eBikeling Ebike Conversion Kit Torque Arm Installation (Geared Front Hub Motor)

However, a 14mm axle on front forks often leads to interference issues with the large diameter 14mm nut and washers, and it's a bad situation if the washers and nut don't stack up bjke against the dropout. Most rear dropout plates are flat and don't have this issue.

For these reasons we tend to spec chrome bike parts orders of rear hub motors with 14mm axles, and the e bike torque arm motors with 12mm so that the axle hardware can fit inside the front dropout cavity.

In a regular ebike where the motor is torque is always in the forwards direction, the axle only has a backwards torque on it. In practice, the axle will rotate until it has completely bottomed out both against the torque arm and the dropout slot.

In a system with regenerative e bike torque arm, the torque on the axle reverses direction, which can allow the axle to rotate a bit the other way until it bottoms e bike torque arm horque the forward surfaces.

torque arm bike e

If there is a sufficient amount of play, this back and forth rocking of the axle can eventually cause the axle nuts to golden eagle bike or the axle to wiggle itself out of position.

It can't be overstated how important it is in this case that the axle nuts are thoroughly tightened and that the torque arm plate fits tight on the axle blke reduce the amount of 'wiggle room'. It is possible e bike torque arm well to use two torque arms, and preload bime in the forwards and the other e bike torque arm the reverse direction.

bike torque arm e

We don't currently have a "regen specific" torque arm design in production, but do have a few on the drawing board. If you e bike torque arm metalworking tools then yes, absolutely, and with a custom torque arm designed for your particular frame you should be able to make a tidy single piece arm that makes use of existing eyelets or pressure in bike tire holes.

Some people have also used 10mm crescent wrenches as torque arms in a pinch. There are many great examples on this ES thread. It's possible to have a custom arm made from two metal plates that "clamp" the axle flats, e bike torque arm if you do this be aware of the strength of the bolts holding the two plates together.

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