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The shocking truth: Mountain bike suspension and you

Some forks and shocks only have rebound damping adjustment.

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Some forks and shocks have compression damping adjustment as bke. This is first thing you need to do with your suspension. What is sag?

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Sag is how much your bike settles into its exercise bike rack when you get on your bike and take your feet off the ground. For example, on a mm travel bike you want to aim to have 25mmmm of sagged travel when you sit on your bike.

How To Fix an Mtb Suspension (Xcr Suntour) EASY DIY

If you set your sag whilst being sat down your rear shock will usspension up being set too firm and your fork will end electric bikes amazon being set too soft.

Stand up on your pedals whilst leaning lightly against a wall or tree, or van etc. Try not to jerk or bounce around whilst doing so, or whilst getting off your bike.

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With forks this adhust straightforward. Rebound damping is what controls the speed at which your suspension re-extends after compressing ie. Too much rebound will cause your suspension to pack down resulting in a harsh ride. Ride off the kerb, stood up on the pedals, at slow to mid-paced speed.


Your suspension will probably compress, quickly re-extend past the sag pointcompress again and then re-extend again. Dial on a couple of clicks of rebound. Ride off the kerb again. Both Fox and RockShox use blue to denote compression adjustments on their suslension and shocks.

When your suspension is open, the flow of oil through the compression damper is unrestricted and it will compress freely to absorb impacts.

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Think free flowing coffee. Having your suspension positioned in the open position is useful while descending, and when riding technical terrain, where traction ho paramount.


And what about the times where you want to be completely locked-out? Rebound damping regulates the speed at which your fork or shock recovers, or bounces back, from an impact and returns to its full travel. Much like a compression circuit, rebound damping relies on oil moving through a circuit to regulate the speed at how much are schwinn bikes the suspension extends after being compressed.

The coffee-as-oil analogy holds true here as adiust.

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When the flow of oil is restricted, your fork or shock will slowly return to its full travel. Both Fox and RockShox use red to denote rebound adjustments, although they take how to adjust front suspension on a mountain bike approaches to understanding how to increase or decrease rebound damping.

RockShox takes the very user-friendly approach of using a tortoise and a jackalope to tell the rider which way to turn the rebound knob in order to increase or decrease the speed with which their suspension extends after being compressed. Turning the knob all the way counter-clockwise as indicated by the jackalope will open up the rebound circuit, allowing oil to circulate freely.

With Fox, plus bike week in ocean city more rebound damping slower return and minus means less rebound damping faster return.

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Set the rebound as lightly as possible and compress the front fork by leaning on the bars as shown below. Release the fork by quickly letting go nearly of the bars.

Learn more about: Suspension forks

The fork will quickly jump back to its original position. The ideal setting for the rebound is that the front fork resets itself as quickly as possible but without the front ftont bouncing off the ground.

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Continue to increase the tension on the rebound and repeat the motion shown in the clip. Go for a quick spin on your bike to see whether fronf is set right.

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Use your bodyweight to compress the front fork repeatedly in a pumping motion. The fork should rebound to its original position quickly and not sag or bounce after again.

How to Set Up Mountain Bike Suspension | Liv Cycling Official site

Does the bike in italy fork still bounce around a little? Then slightly tighten adjyst rebound a little more. Take your shock pump with you on the first ride so you can make small adjustments on the go, dialing in your setup.

Our friends at GMBN show you the finer details in the video below. I spend my time chasing my personal bests these suspenwion on Strava, both on my mountain bike and road bike.

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Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Rain, hail, mud and other dirt cause your bike chain to wear out. Measuring your bike chain regularly — and ….

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The bottom bracket shell of a bicycle is the part of the frame where the spindle of the cranks go …. Spring is almost here finally!

Ride a section of trail and determine if that adjustment made the suspension feel 1) The bike is a system; make an effort to balance the front-to-rear spring.

Tyres get old, wear out or get punctured. Every road cyclist or mountain biker therefore has to change his tyres ….

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THAT'S correct. That'll give you a tiny percentage. Simple oversight of course, as it is correct in the text, after all.

Another excellent video.

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Is this the be all end all suspension set-up? Nope but its a great place for those that need a place to start with great explanations.

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Thanks, Mojo. We agree, suspension set-up fornt be a much more involved process at the higher levels. This video will give a basic understanding of the important principles and how to implement them. Typically Im setting sag with the rider in full height seated position.

Choosing between a suspension fork and a rigid fork depends on what you Suspension forks can be found mounted to hardtail mountain bikes and full These forks vary in complexity; higher-end suspension forks allow adjustment for.

For most setups this will be more accurate, as much of your riding will be in the seat. Only time I'll do a standing sag is for full DH race, and even then its usually off.

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Seated position is more rearward, which will load the suspension more. This is important so you don't end up with too soft a spring rate for when you sit down and mash up a steep climb. It helps to keep your weight balanced on the bike.

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Hi Adam, I understand your point, however I would still recommend setting up sag while standing. Reason being that I'd like the suspension to be bike clerance it's best where I really need it to work oj - on the technical sections, rocks, and descents - all of which I'll be doing standing up of course.

Tune It Up: How to adjust your Front Suspension

So for me - a compromise on sitting and pedaling is worth the performance where I want to have fun! Can i plug lake bike fest Bike Setup app here, its ideal for recording your settings and experimenting https: I find its usually correct for aggressive DH riding as well, because you're not blowing through the travel as easily.

Vital MTB. Edit Tags Done. Tweet More Ironshirt https: Thanks again for letting us know.

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News:Choosing between a suspension fork and a rigid fork depends on what you Suspension forks can be found mounted to hardtail mountain bikes and full These forks vary in complexity; higher-end suspension forks allow adjustment for.

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