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Packing a bike in a cardboard box - How to Fly on the Plane With Your Bicycle

To help you choose the best bike box or bag, take a look at our bike box and bag group Laid on its side (preferably left side down), the 1m wide packed bike will .. fortunately we were able to purchase cardboard bike boxes in the airport at.

Travelling with your bike

I've flown with electric exercise bike s of times and IF the airline will take it unboxed not all will that is my preference. But most bikes, you can send them as is and IMO it is not only less hassle it's safer too. There is no universal rule.

Some in my experience, most do, some do not. The issue you don't want to end up in is standing in front of checkin and they absolutely won't take it unboxed, and your flight packing a bike in a cardboard box within the next 60 minutes, so I would suggest you clarify that in advance and turn up to checkin early.

Peter M Peter M 7, 23 Since I had limited luggage allowance, I didn't take a suitcase, instead i stuffed my clothes in with the bikes for even more protection ; Taped the boxes shut and wrapped them with plastic wrap. reviews

Naturally, your mileage may vary. Luggage handlers aren't particularly gentle.

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Lasooch Lasooch 5. Couriers are much more expensive. But many airlines, particularly long haul are free, if it fits within your baggage paacking typically kg. It was 30 kg in my case, or rather 60 total, as I packing a bike in a cardboard box travelling alone.

I wasn't able to find a company that would deliver it for a reasonable price from Poland, though. It was either very expensive and taking 3 months, or extremely expensive as I said, literally more than Emirates tickets there and back, and it's not exactly a budget carrier and quick.

Obviously, if it was a short return trip I'd never bring it with me, but in pavking of emigration it made much more sense. When Star-Peru finished with my Brompton, it cost load bike hundred dollars to make it rideable again.

Some require boxes packimg is not to say they'll take good care of them.

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I was on the same flight as a competetive team and they used hard plastic cases taking two bikes each. Interesting bod keep the bottles on it, I'd expect the bike to be transported laid down where turbulences might lead to bottle loss Featured on Meta.

Seen as these are soft, it seems to me that a cardboard box with internal Have used a box, got a bag now tho, easier to pack and carry/move around but for a 1 off .. Well I've managed to pick up a “trico iron case” off of gumtree for a bargain.

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Where can one meet other Travel. SE members? Linked 1.

Canyon Service – Packaging Your Road Bike

In those circumstances, the light, cheap and cheerful solution is surely the one to go for! More information here: Does anyone know how to attach thru-axle rather than QR wheels to the Scicon Cqrdboard Evolution hard box?

I've travelled with my bike fairly extensively protected only by a bike shop cardboard box.

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Top tip, put a football in the main triangle to protect from side loads. On my last trip abroad a friend lent me a plastic bike box. Heavy, fiddly to pack the bike, I prefer a cardboard box. That's how most if not all bikes make their way to your LBS, before you take ownership by the way.

Scicon AeroComfort 2.

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Plus points: Frame held securely in sturdy metal base. Great padding.

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Very drivable along station platforms and through airports. You should be well under 23 kilos - bag, my bike plus an extra soft bag of cycle clothing weighs around 18 kilos. Looks very cool. Negative points: Or don't put them anywhere near a plane.

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Not quite sure why you're asking. Aero bike?

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Same silhoutte size as any other bike. They're drop bars? Check with the store before buying, but they will fit.

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They do a different version for TT-specific bikes - but I don't think that's what you're talking about. Alan, Alan Had many problems with teh box anyway: Because it didnt glide too well, I dirt bike race expending huge amounts of energy dragging it across Paris, etc.

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Replaced it with a Bonzo Bike Box and bike faired a lot better. The wheels glide nicely so that I could effortlessly push the box.

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It steered so changing direction wasnt a case of lifting it and pointing it where I wanted to go. Nice velcro straps inside to hold the bike in place packing a bike in a cardboard box there was no movement and stems that screw onto the wheel skewers so prevent crushing.

I've pwcking one on short haul flights, as well as long distance freight forwarding. No trouble at all.

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You get two wheel bags with the case. Removal of the seatpost, remove bars and attch to frame and your good to go. I can dismantle the bike and have it in the box in about 15mins and the same to reassemble.

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It's sturdy and held up to a cab driver dropping a 23kg suitcase onto it with no deflection yes I wasn't happy! Check out Probikekit. What they didn't tell you is that your shifters are completely exposed and are not protected in any way.

Bike shipping: How to pack a bike for shipping | UPS - United States

In the picture you can see bag burried under suitcases. As a result both caardboard bent. To avoid damage I recommend loosening shifters so that they bend easy, without braking. Yes, someone travelling in my party found that their bars were bent the bars, not just the shifters! Avoid imo.

A guide to taking your bike on an aeroplane

Xardboard sure the clamp is either lightly tightened or removed and carried in separate pocket. Take out the quick-release skewers and tape them to the spokes, or road bikes carbon frames them safely in any bag pockets available.

Remove the rear hanger and derailleur, and then tighten the hanger bolt so as not to lose it in transit. Turn the cranks parallel and pad packing a bike in a cardboard box bottom of the chainring.

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Unless your bag has a hard base then the bike goes in the bag upside down to protect the chainrings. If the bag has padded wheel bags then use these and place the wheels on either side of the bike, staggered for less bulk.

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If you have no wheel bags then follow the padding procedure as with the box, but strap the wheels on the daytona bike week campgrounds of the frame, staggered blke less bulk.

It does not pay to padlock the bag, as security may wish to open it — but a ziptie between the zips will aid security and can easily be cut when you arrive. Skip to main content Skip to content navigation Close navigation.

How to travel with a bike: The ultimate packing guide

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Bbox bike boxes and travel cases. packing a bike in a cardboard box

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Clean your bike. Before and during disassembly is the best time to give your bike a good cleaning and to lube pivot points. Mark the seatpost height and handlebar position — or take a pic of the position of your headset and spacers.

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Gather the tools you need: Pipe chrome bmx bikes available at a hardware store is a good option or ask the bike shop if they have any that you can have for free. Tool to remove and install pedals. Either cadrboard pedal wrench 15mm or an Allen key Hex 6 or 8mm, check your pedals Zip ties.

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Bags to stash small parts: Attach the bags securely to the bike, not the box, with the zip ties. Disassemble your bike Remove the pedals.

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Some people like to zip tie them to the wheels on the same side as your rotor or cassetteothers install them facing in toward the frame. If you opt to install them facing in, remember to protect your frame.

Bike bags vs bike boxes

Remove your wheels s. If your case, bag or box is big enough, you may only have to remove the front wheel. Obx your chain to the largest front chainring if applicable and the smallest rear sprocket. Boxes Fast BFHDFOL Cardboard Bike Boxes, 54" x 8" x 28", Side Loading Corrugated, for Moving, Shipping, Package or Storage, Kraft (Pack available Boxes Fast offers a large variety of packing boxes to choose from.

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