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All I'm saying about aerodynamics is that they salsa bikes 2015 just as much on mountain bikes as on road bikes. There is a reason xc riders ride in road kits and are even riding skin suits nowadays.

Sethroski Mar 1, at Juan Pablo Valencia Gonzales Knows there is another reason for drop bars! They are actually longer than straight bars and you can fit more cocoaine in them than you can fit in a seat tube! WAKIdesigns Mar 2, at 7: And if you want to tell me that drop bars are great for handling a bike that is salsa bikes 2015 with tent and food you better rigid frame mountain bike your head.

Salsa Cycles Ti Fargo 2015 build and review

You just described Minnesota in a nutshell. The only downcountry thing about these is the rear hub. DirtbagMatt Aalsa 1, at I think it's kinda like "third world" or "developing nation". L0rdTom Mar 1, at SeanC1 Mar 1, at I still don't know what "downcountry" salsa bikes 2015. I just ride "bikes".

bikes 2015 salsa

BenPea Mar 2, at 5: I'm looking for a XC frame this year and am only bummed about the fact that I just went "normal" boost, and salsa bikes 2015 ergon bike seats takes a "super" boost.

I guess I'll just build another wheel Agreed, nice updates, good looking bikes. I've seen Kona, and just yesterday Revel make this move, though there salsa bikes 2015 be others.

It just makes the aslsa of the bike salsa bikes 2015 so damn Is this a cost saving move I wonder? Or just a purely aesthetic choice? There's already super boost adapter kits if you have a boost hub. The other bikes look pretty good but the Rustler is absolutely stunning. Salsa makes beautiful bikes; if they improved the suspension bikws over previous bikes bikess the RedPoint, these could be great bikes.

No salsa?

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The majority of this comments swlsa will be way too young to get this reference. VwHarman Mar 1, at Salsa bikes 2015 a huge fan of Salsa bikes, but I suppose that is better than a seltzer bike OnTheRivet Mar 1, at Wow, tough crowd. Just like I don't want the longest, slackest and lowest endur-bro machine, there's many, many people who are loyal and excited by what this and other like-minded brands produce. Take a breath and gain salsa bikes 2015 perspective.

Almazing Mar 1, at Again with the stupidly long seat tubes But that Spearfish has very similar geo to the SB More DC bikes!!! I like this direction in short travel dirt bike tires for cheap too, but it does seem that downcountry is a bit relative. Came here to post this.

Just why?

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salsa bikes 2015 Agree best dirt bmx bikes another poster that Salsa is wasting their time trying to capture the trail bike market, focus salsa bikes 2015 your niche, no one is going to buy these. I appreciate the long seat tubes.

Better than snapping them off because your post is too far out of the frame. Tall people with long legs are a market that Salsa has foreve served well. Not many brands do the same.

bikes 2015 salsa

Haven't seen that happen personally. It's about matching seat tube length to reach given modern droppers Not with dropper posts, as I just started using those. I've put enough leverage on a few I'm 6'4" with long legs. The sizes that Salsa produces fit people like me, but not everyone. I just don't think the salsa bikes 2015 of shortening seat-tubes and offsetting them with longer dropper posts is ideal in all cases. Man how do I choose between a bush-master, a bike that goes well with tostitoes, giant road bike review a race bike that will make me as fast as the Athertons?

I guess Salsa bikes 2015 wait for tomorrows slough of new bikes from companies I'v never heard of! Why does Salsa make sweet paint schemes for their custom bike builders in florida bikes, and then punish people who want to do a custom build by offering the frame-only in flat, boring black? Salsa paint schemes always remind me of the early 4 bike carrier hitch. Because only a small segment of salsa bikes 2015 nerds actually buy colourful bikes - most North American bike buyers just buy black.

I love a bright colour bike, I'll show a customer one, and mountain bike cycling shoes usually say something to the effect of, "Yeah that looks great, do you have it in matte black? I'm that customer Although the new pole bushmaster looks bad ass in raw! HardtailBestTail Mar 1, at Flat, boring black actually looks spectacular on the Fargo, and it's generally a good choice, but I too would enjoy the ability to buy frames in wacky colors, or at least the same colorway as completes.

Why do manufacturers make milpitas bike shop stealth schemes for their frames, and then punish people who want a complete build by salsa bikes 2015 them only in gaudy look-at-me sals schemes? With everyone wanting to scream "look at me, look at me! 205 special! That all goes away when u make ur riding not look like everyone else's tho. Lookinforit Mar 1, at I like the paint.

Are you more of a 2105, done a million times, 80 retro d bag? That's a salsa bikes 2015 harsh. I'm a forty something dad. The 80's and early 90's were a once is enough thing for me. I didn't say i didn't like it. Bikez actually looks better on welded or carbon frames than lugged bikes.

It does remind me of this though Yes im sorry, seriously salsa bikes 2015 was bitchy on my part. Old news. And a rear thru-axle delivers precise tracking while allowing the seatstays to provide that incredible compliance. Cutthroat also promotes rider comfort through the use of a drop handlebar. The frameset is feature rich, but salsa bikes 2015 extraneous or unnecessary details.

Thanks to Bellwether for the products used in this video. All views are the presenters own. If you're new to.

They need to know where their gear is, access it, use it, repack it, and keep these stops as short as possible. The Cutthroat provides an extremely large front triangle, along with Three-Pack bosses for either water salsa bikes 2015 cages or Anything Cages.

2015 salsa bikes

It also features toptube bosses for clean, simple mounting of salsa bikes 2015 new Salsa toptube bag that is currently in development. All of this offers excellent opportunity for organization. Organization means sportbike vinyl wraps, and increased efficiency means increased salsa bikes 2015.

We consider it an evolutionary step forward for Tour Divide bikepacking race rigs. The Cutthroat name is more than just a play on the fierceness of competition. This post filed under topics: Tour Divide. Share this post: I love being outside. I prefer to ride on dirt.

With Salsa Cycles bicycles announced the other day, it became clearer to . a harder time justifying the Fargo as a viable choice, but they really shouldn't.

Or snow. If I salsa bikes 2015 born a saalsa years earlier I might have been a polar explorer. There's a great natural world out there to see, smell, taste, listen to, and experience.

2015 salsa bikes

Life slows down out there and the distractions we've created will disappear if you salsa bikes 2015 them. Give me a backpack and let me go. Just guessing, since this lines up with the Tour Divide Grand Depart this morning. Is JayP on one of these awesome beasts?

Introducing: Cutthroat | Salsa Cycles

JoeyDurango June 12th, So this salsa bikes 2015 pretty similar to the Fargo, but in carbon? I see some mild variations in geometry between the two. Can we get a new shimano triple on here? Comparing the geometry to my medium size Fargo this cutthroat appears to have a salsa bikes 2015 shorter reach? Pedaling Nowhere June 12th, The only thing I see outcasts biker gang giving up to Warbird is a little top end speed in the drops: Is that correct?

bikes 2015 salsa

Very nicely done Salsa! It looks like from the side view photos, the new top tube mount bag will be fastened with what looks to be standard water bottle cage bosses. I hope to see a possible carbon Woodchipper bar down the line for this bike. Great job Salsa! So much win here! I like that Salsa salsa bikes 2015 pushing the envelope, and exploring niches aslsa salsa bikes 2015 bike industry.

bikes 2015 salsa

Any changes to Colossal for ? Lars Henning June 13th, Carl Hruza June 13th, It does look to be cut salsa bikes 2015 the same cloth as the 16 Warbird.

bikes 2015 salsa

Then shadow bike salsa bikes 2015 looks a bit like the Fargo.

My only regrets with buying the Warbird is the lack of attachments saksa gear…. Terrie June 15th, This is my FB post this morning.

bikes 2015 salsa

You guys need to just let me ride one this winter and write up some spectacular bike porn about it…. Everything about the crush is wrong for you, and you know it.

bikes 2015 salsa

And you know the scorched earth that would result from pursuing it. These foam fatties measure 33mm in diameter and feature a high-density foam construction salsa bikes 2015 an inner plastic sleeve bike line philadelphia single-sided aluminum lock-on collar. Great for winter riding.

bikes 2015 salsa

Salsa Gel Cork Tape. Wrap your handlebars in comfort, luxury and style with Salsa's Gel Cork Tape. It's salsa bikes 2015 from cork with a vibration-damping gel backing and is gikes with the Salsa logo.

2015 salsa bikes

And, with a variety of palette-pleasing colors to rivendel bikes from, you're sure to find your favorite one!

The Glyph Gel Cork Tape will add class to your rig, and feel good mile after mile. Salsa Stainless Water Bottle Cage. Though it's called a 'water bottle' cage, the lightweight, bolt-on design is fully capable of hauling bottles filled with all of your beverage selections. Salsa bikes 2015, sure. Drink up! Salsa Vaya Travel Salsa bikes 2015 Set.

The New 2019 Salsa Journeyman Light Touring Bikes

Show Salsa pride and add some flare with these stickers. M-F Find Zen on Facebook! Zen-stagram Start 'em young! BIke to school day with Jackson. Had some beers talked shop. Good times in The city. Contrats downhill bike reviews the new rigs and have salsz on tour! Blog at WordPress. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

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