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Jul 1, - You want a hardtail, fatbike, full-suspension trail bike or DH rig – And I'm large in Santa Cruz (and most bikes), a medium in Niner, and right.

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Originally Posted by blankets creek bike trail What's the best ctuz around S. Nomad might be more capable than for jumping and drops and the kind of stuff that scares you and break bones, relatively speaking. I'll just have to deal with climbing on a single ring. I did exactly this which is why I have a Bronson.

It's truly in the middle of the above. It really doesn't give up that much santa cruz dh bike pedaling ability over the and it can take a much bigger hit. It's slightly less flickable.

The Nomad I thought it was just santa cruz dh bike much bike for trail riding. When I rode those three it really came down to vs Bronson. Originally Posted by dr. Coming from Bronson 1, I demoed several bikes before I went with a v2. Bronson 2 was fun on chunk and rough stuff but feel slow and not so cruzz on my favourite trails. If your climbs are mainly on fire roads the two bikes climb basically the same. Sant if hd climbs are more techy and steep like here in Dolomiti then san francisco naked bike is a huge difference between the two.

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Demoed also TB3 and HT but both feel too much wagon on tight corners and swich backs. Definitely not as fun as not a 29 fan here. BTW they climb better than Bronson 2. So here it is, santa cruz dh bike me with a or is the best allround bike from Santa Cruz.

bike dh santa cruz

Climb really good and descent nearly as good as Bronson but with more fun. I just demo'd a large and Hightower 29er within the last 2 weeks. I'm 5'10", lbs and am coming from riding a carbon 26" SJ fsr and M5 before that and steel hardtails from 89 to I love steep technical up and down- I'm probably better going up though.

I'm looking for a new santa cruz dh bike which allows me dirtbike street legal competitively continue my uphill challenges while giving me more confidence downhill. Santa cruz dh bike have checked out bikes from Ibis, pivot, spec, felt - but have landed on Santa Cruz because the large seems to fit me better than any of the others mentioned.

Here's my take on both bikes after riding them on the exact same trails which include a very long, steep and loose climb. For the first 20 minutes of riding Bike salute did not feel confident and wanted to dislike it due to the 'lookout platform' position.

But, I adapted to the big wheel feeling and began to notice the smooth ride. It felt easier to maneuver santa cruz dh bike I expected and offered fun choices to ride around or through obstacles. Santa cruz dh bike quite as quick making quick steering choices compared to a 26 or thebut it was quick enough dodging left or right and just rolled over everything else.

Ultimately it was faster than any MTB I had ever pedaled.

bike santa cruz dh

The downhills went fast and santa cruz dh bike well in loose turns. The steep uphill surprised- front wheel stayed down! Had enough traction to clean a climb that is always a challenge when tacky And so much sport bike girls in its current dry, silty midsummer state.

Crjz was the bike I wanted to like the most.

bike santa cruz dh

I enjoyed the weighting, wheelbase and handling. It was balanced and kept me closer to the 26" wheels I've always had. It turned fast.

bike santa cruz dh

I absolutely loved the feel of it- made me want to frolic, prance, ride wheelies, bunny hop and dance around. But, it was tougher than expected to santa cruz dh bike the front wheel down on the steep uphill and it struggled a bit compared to Hightower going steep.

In fact, the uphill time was slower by 35 seconds compared to the Hightower on that same trail segment. Going down was fun, and poppy, a bit more entertaining than Hightower- just what I had been expecting. Would have been more amazing if there were more tight switchbacks on this trail. But, without need for santa cruz dh bike bjke, I noticed times were slower compared to the Hightower going straight and into and out of turns.

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I wanted to prove the was the right choice santa cruz dh bike me. But, Hightower took the top spot in my demo time. It may not have felt as dynamic and tossable as the I did not get to compare them on repeating blke switchback tracks where is probably better - but those aren't tracks I encounter much at all.

cruz dh bike santa

I couldn't even imagine rising a large hard and I'm 5'9. It's so much harder to jump that large frame. I don't know if you ever ride bike parks or jump courses but those large frames get hard to handle.

They are however great for cross country. I have a medium bronson santa cruz dh bike I absolutely love santa cruz dh bike an It may be a hair smaller but it's still more of a cross-country bike with that longer reach. Did you ever bike shop for kids demoing a medium or do you stay away from bike parks and jump courses? Originally Posted by targnik.

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Who are you!? Sent from my kltedv using Tapatalk. Originally Posted by mount.

dh bike cruz santa

Good point racebum. Totally wish santa cruz dh bike medium fit me better. I recently rodemediums around on streets bikes beer bbq knew the reach was shorter than my ideal. For 5'10" I'm on the boundary of medium or large. For me Medium is good for shorter rides and jumping.

But if I want to ride 3 hours or more it's too cramped. I've not found a great quality bike brand with a santa cruz dh bike that offers me the smaller frame with long enough reach. I had large 26' stumpys and learned how to jump them - the dropper post makes it a reality.

So now I focus on fitting for long ride comfort and rely on the dropper to help move the seat for better downhilljng park features and maneuverability.

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bi,e There has to be a sacrifice somewhere and The health of back,neck and ergonomics are santa cruz dh bike important factors mikes bikes coupon me.

Bke edited by mount; at There has to be a sacrifice somewhere and The health of back,neck and ergonomics are not important factors for me. I used to own aI liked it for a while but going down it felt too unstable for me. The guys at the bike shop told me the newer geometry is better now and I'd probably love it. Santa cruz dh bike did take a me a while to get used to keeping the front wheel down and after a while I actually would just kind of lift and hop it in different directions around obstacles to my advantage.

You get used to anything. And I've heard nothing but santa cruz dh bike things about the Hightower. That's preference. I would rather ride a medium on a 60 than a large on a 40 all else equal. Unless you have an abnormally wide ape index I just feel way too stretched out on a large.

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It's harder to handle. I'm also 5'9. I did try a large briefly but it felt like an XC bike in crruz. So stretched out, santa cruz dh bike wanted to nose dive on even small jumps. Brand Santa Cruz. Size 56cm.

dh santa bike cruz

Model Year Gender Men's. Color Sanat. Clay and Carbon. Industry Blue and Gold. Light Blue. Matte Carbon and Fog. Matte Carbon and White. Orange and Carbon. Oxblood and Tan. Skye Blue and Gold. Sunset and Eggplant. Matte Carbon and Orange. Orange and Skye Blue. Wheel Size Suspension Full Suspension. Sort by Flat bike shoes by Featured Price: This is the stuff we wear every day.

The pro santa cruz dh bike, derailleur hangers, and bearing tools you need to keep your ride eh. Our family of riders and mechanics pushing World Cup downhill to be a little weirder and a little wilder for more than a decade.

bike dh santa cruz

Free Agents hail from all ibke the world and race in everything from cyclocross to four-cross, and downhill to dirt jumps. Stop by our factory to checkout the entire range, demo a bike and ride the trails. The Demo Tour ergon bike seats the perfect opportunity to try our bikes on your local trails. Many of our dealers santa cruz dh bike a selection of demo bikes.

dh bike cruz santa

Give your nearest dealer a call to find out more. This Santa Cruz website uses cookies for example to improve and analyze the website, for social media and to ensure that you see relevant ads. To learn santa cruz dh bike about cookies, click on Cookie Policy.

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When you click bike lots accept, you authorize Santa Cruz to use the cookies as set for our website. Juliana Bicycles Logo. V10 handling at Syndicate speeds. Proud owner of a new Nomad? Key Features: Available in: Santa cruz dh bike specs data cannot be loaded at this time.

Bronson MTB Put To Test

We apologise for the inconvenience. Please check back later. High Low. What size fork is the Nomad designed for? Can I mount a chainguide to my bike?

dh bike cruz santa

I see you offer some models with a choice of coil shock or air shock- which should I get? What kind of headset does this bike use?

Find a huge range of new and used Santa Cruz Mountain Bike and Adventure products for sale across Australia. All at BikeExchange.

What kind of rear brake mount does it use? Where can I find additional technical information for my bike? Suspension System. Front Derailleur. No compatibility. Integrated; IS41 acton bike trail, IS52 lower.

Getting the right size for you should be santa cruz dh bike 59cm bike frame one priority however. An ill-fitting bike is a slow bike so do your best to visit local bike shops and demo days to get bikw and find the right proportions you need. Wheel size. How big your wheels are is one of the most heated debates ever to hit the sport of santa cruz dh bike biking.

Once upon a time there was only one option hd 26" wheels. Now however, most bikes santa cruz dh bike larger Bigger wheels cover more ground with each crkz and have a bigger footprint, which means more grip, but some riders also think that they take more effort to turn.

dh santa bike cruz

There are a lot of variables involved in this and every rider has an opinion on what works best. Again, it's all about personal preference so it's worthwhile trying before you buy.

dh bike cruz santa

Front forks on Curtis Keene's Specialized. A bike's ability to move over rough ground is determined by its suspension.

News:Dec 11, - Luca Shaw's Santa Cruz V10 29er MTB in Full Profile at Lourdes Firstly, you need to choose between hardtail and full suspension designs.

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